Track #2, let's keep 'em rollin'! In my eyes Neville was always reminiscent of Samwise Gamgee, While the main characters did heroic deeds, I always felt that these two were the true heros of the series. Even when facing complete defeat, and seeing their friend and leader broken and useless they simply buckle down and finish the job. I also might have a slight bias since I love plants and gardening, but I'll stick to the former reason.


Neville Neville, Where did time go?
You left your beaten path you know
You studied hard
You studied well
And this Ravenclaw girl thinks your swell

Neville Neville, you're just a boy
But now you've left behind your first year toys
You grew up fast
You grew up lean
And now you're keepin' alive the Hogwarts dream

*When Potter ran away, you stayed
When things were looking grim, you grinned
When life had turned it's back on you
You pushed right through*

Neville Neville, you kept the school
Safe for students during Carrow's rule
You lead the army
You lead the attack
After you watched them bring Potter back

Neville Neville, I can't believe
You had that sword hidden up your sleeve
You fought with courage
You fought with pain
And then we all witnessed you uphold your name


You were really incredible
When the battle was won
And Harry Potter can kiss my ass
Because to me you will always be
The chosen one



from Penelope Clearwater Revival - EP, track released August 24, 2012



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