Penelope Clearwater Revival - EP

by Penelope Clearwater Revival

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Well, this would be my first album of recorded songs! I believe in the colloquial it is referred to as an "EP". Please enjoy folks!


released June 1, 2012

Miss Parkinson
Kati R.



all rights reserved


Penelope Clearwater Revival Texas

Lead singer & Guitar

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Track Name: Ravenclaw Love
I see you in the library
Every Friday night
There's something that I need to say
But the words don't come out right

Madame Pince has heard how I feel
When I check a book to read
And every single bloody time
You've got the book I need

*What have you cast over me
What could be this curse?
'Cause it pains me to be near you
But when you're gone it's worse*

You used to read in the common room
At the ending of our day
You'd look up and wink at me
So I'd scoff and turn away

But now you tutor those other girls
From the house of Slytherin
And something makes my stomach twist
When I hear you laugh with them


You've stupefied my mind
And crucio'd my heart
Why have we not yet covered this
In defense against the dark arts

There's fiendfyre in my soul
And my studies are amiss
I'd rather face the killing curse
Instead of feeling this

I've read through evey restricted book
Pince'll let me see
But I can't find any mention
Of what you've done to me
Track Name: The Ballad of the Wand
They say it came from death itself
Bartered for a life
But anyone who ever owned it
Only met with strife

wizards will come from miles around
The strongest and the least
You'll have to cut everyone of them down
Never get no peace

*Though you try to keep it silent
That ol' wand just won't be still
If you want it come and get it
But you'd better be prepared to kill*

I had a lover long ago
To whom I gave my heart
He told me there was just one thing
That could keep us apart

"What one thing could ever be
Greater than the stars?"
He said it was a thing of death
And that it would mean ours


Well I told him straight he would have to choose
'Tween that wand and me
He said it's something you just can't give up
And so he set me free

Well I turned away and in my heart
Like a woman scorned I felt
And a fire lit within my soul
And I knew I'd give him hell


Well I turned back for a final kiss
With which to say goodbye...
I'm sure he never saw it comin
And now that wand is mine

And so now I'm left to roam this land
My soul's been stained blood red
I'll give you one shot to take this wand
And you can claim it when I'm dead
Track Name: The Hero
Neville Neville, Where did time go?
You left your beaten path you know
You studied hard
You studied well
And this Ravenclaw girl thinks your swell

Neville Neville, you're just a boy
But now you've left behind your first year toys
You grew up fast
You grew up lean
And now you're keepin' alive the Hogwarts dream

*When Potter ran away, you stayed
When things were looking grim, you grinned
When life had turned it's back on you
You pushed right through*

Neville Neville, you kept the school
Safe for students during Carrow's rule
You lead the army
You lead the attack
After you watched them bring Potter back

Neville Neville, I can't believe
You had that sword hidden up your sleeve
You fought with courage
You fought with pain
And then we all witnessed you uphold your name


You were really incredible
When the battle was won
And Harry Potter can kiss my ass
Because to me you will always be
The chosen one

Track Name: Patronus for the Day
I never see your face
Unless your feelin' bad
You never come to tell me
About the good times that you had
No I only ever talk to you
When your world is turning grey
When you come see me, I know I'll be
Your patronus for the day

You floo me in the mornin
By noon you're at my door
Your coat and all your bad thoughts
They get dropped on my bedroom floor
I know it's temporary
And you're just lookin for a lay
But you know me, I'll gladly be
Your patronus for the day

Well it seems a bit unkind
Since I know I'm being used
And I'd like to see you more than when
You suffer life's abuse
But I love the way you treat me
Even if it seems cliche
Cause when you scream for me, I love to be
Your patronus for the day

It don't matter what you say
Don't matter what you do
Cause everyone deserves happy thoughts
When they've got the blues
When you're feelin down and out
And your dementors catch their prey
Come find me, I'll always be
Your patronus for the day
Yea, come find me , 'cause I'll always be
Your patronus for the day